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Baby Toys and Products

"Your child is a precious gift"

Every child is a bundle of joy, love and happiness. They are unique in every way. A smile on their face makes everything bright. It is the responsibility of every parent to shower their love and create a bond of happiness. With our products you can nurture this magical bond. We create products with utmost safety, hygiene and interactive design that you and your kids will love.

Who we are?

AbbuKids is a manufacturing unit of baby products established in 1988. Our workplace is set up in Bawana, Delhi. We deal with suppliers across India by exporting our products to different states. Our great selection and service make us a one-stop destination for your child’s need.

Why choose us?

Our products are made with proper care and safety. Most importantly they are made with love.
  • Child-Friendly Materials
  • Well Curated Designs
  • Wide Range of Products

Babies are big explorers. Their tiny eyes fill up a whole world of possibilities. They are eager to learn about the world around them. Every new color, shape, sound, texture and taste is a meaningful experience of learning. In order to develop their skills and capabilities we need to provide optimum support and guidance. Giving your baby the opportunities to learn will help them develop their senses and creativity. This ignites the rocket of imagination and independence. Infants love to use toys such as blocks, rattles and dolls which help them develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Physical growth of the child starts around 4 to 16 months when they start to sit and crawl on ground. In today’s world it is essential for a parent to have unconditional love of their children to develop their emotions. This bonding is falling in love with your baby by giving him the best toys and products that cultivate their development.

The Abbu Kids Advantage

Our products provide a range of benefits for your little ones.

Holistic Development

As your little one grows to become a toddler, they develop signs of movements such as crawling, picking up objects, play with ball by developing a sense of touch. They listen to music, songs and stories. They respond with little sounds and play with rattles. They develop their sense of hearing. They try to mimic their surroundings, act mischievous and try to stand by developing their observation skills. They thrive for constant attention and want to become the apple of everyone’s eye. They want an unconditional bond of love and attachment by developing emotional skills.

We at Abbu Kids focus on integrating all the senses and skills of your child to make them holistically developed. Your child’s body system works in different processes where all of them have to be equally developed to make them function as a whole. So we have designed our products by using the principles of child psychology with play. This integration makes your child well developed and independent.

Safety and Hygiene

Babies  skin is more sensitive and delicate than adults. Therefore, it is prone to infection and allergies. We at Abbu Kids use child friendly materials. They do not contain any harsh materials which are unsuitable for kids. Our products are designed by giving utmost priority to safety of your little ones. There are no sharp ends that can cause harm. They are made with love and well furnished with care to spread joy.

Latest Designs with Best Quality

We at Abbu Kids provide one-stop destination for all baby products by bringing together manufactures, retailers and distributors. Our team designs products with latest requirements by updating them with new global trends. Safety is our biggest Priority. With use of safest and best quality materials we supply happiness to our dear customers. We provide utmost care by using child friendly materials. Your child is gonna cherish our products as we provide interactive colors and designs. Our products attract everyone be it our suppliers or parents as we offer wide range of variety and with best quality.